NURSE CALL MONITORING SYSTEM Series 644 is a result of our 25 years of experience in the installation and monitoring of the Nurse Call System and the continued efforts of our dedicated R & D team. It Is a Micro-controller based Embedded system. It has its own standalone communication system and hence is not affected by computer-related viruses. It does not require an operating license or its renewal. The series is available in Wires and Wireless versions. Each bed, toilet, or bathroom is provided with a specially designed call unit. The system operated on low-voltage DC. Power is only required at the Master Controller Hub and Nurse Station Display Unit. Specially designed 4 color corridor lamp units help in indicating the status of connected beds in the room and toilets/ bathroom hence nursing staff can notice pending calls and patient is served instantly. The system has a specially designed display unit with 7 segments of 4-digit LED of Red and Blue colors. the system has a built non-attendance timer thus calls pending more than the set time are converted to Emergency Calls and the display unit blinks the pending bed number. To generate cal, each bed is provided with a Bed Side Call Unit with a Remort Handset unit. Calls from Toilets can be generated with Toilet Emergency Calls and reset Units. Bathroom calls can be generated with the Shower Pull Cord Unit. Any call generated from these call stations is received and registered at the Master Controller Hub or Nurse Station Display Unit. The Nurse Monitor displays the pending normal calls and Code Blue Emergency calls.



Nurse Call Monitoring System
  • Compact and flexible: The Nurse Call Monitoring System 644 has a specially designed Compact Nurse Station Display unit. It can be mounted on a wall or table with very low space requirements. It displays pending calls with 7 segment Red / Blue 4 digit LEDs for clear visibility. It is flexible to accommodate up to 64 call points.
  • Code-Blue / Assist call facility: While attending the call, if the Nurse feels the requirement for additional help, she/ he can generate a Code Blue call by pressing the dedicated button.
  • Non-attendance Timer: The system has a built-in non-attendance timer. The bed number of any pending calls beyond the set time is flashed at the display unit thus the attention of the nurse is drawn.
  • Four-Colour Corridor Lamp Unit: The system also has a specially designed 4-color corridor lamp unit to display the system and pending calls in the room from the corridor. This helps in service time and workload of attending staff.
  • Dedicated Status Indicators: It has automatic error detection technology. Bed Call Units has a Ready LED indication which shows that the system is connected.
  • Easy wiring: System components can be connected with a 2-pair telephone wire / CAT 5 cable with simple wiring and hence economical in wiring.
  • Cost-effective solution: Series 644 are a reliable, compact still cost-effective solution. Components costs are moderate and the wiring cost is low as need only 2 pairs of telephone 644 series. For 644CB CAT5/6 wire is required.
  • Special Display feature:
            -Series 644: The longest pending calls are highlighted with 2″ segmented display for immediate attention, rest 4 pending calls are displayed in chronological order.
            -Series 644CB: Code-blue calls highlighted with blue color below the highlighted display.
            -Series 644CBA: Alpha-numeric numbering facility with dedicated code-blue digital display.
  • Special feature Series 644CBAW: This has all the features of 644CBA with the added facility of wireless radio frequency communication facility. With this, no extra wiring from each bed to the nurse station is required. Only power point is required at each point. This saves time and cost involved in conducting and wiring.
  • Modular Units for Easy Installation: All Calls are designed for installation with standard 4 module boxes.
  • Maintanence-free Operation: The system does not require any replaceable batteries.



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